Conference- and rehearsal rooms

Amenities for conference guests

Accommodation for young people means participants will be in a good mood and will enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and a wide range of conference facilities. In the hostel's separate seminar area, friendly and modern conference rooms await seminar groups with different focuses. A theatre with a stage and a teaching kitchen with four kitchenettes allow for the individual content design of your seminars and workshops - there's a lot of room for creativity. But professionalism is very important: all the rooms have modern equipment and Internet access. In the evenings, participants can get to know each other in the in-house disco or unwind in the bistro or on its terrace.

Thanks to its proximity to Bonn and its easy accessibility, Bad Honnef has developed into an important conference and convention town. Bad Honnef Youth Hostel is also a popular conference venue - thanks to a separate seminar area and fine amenities of the rooms. Multi-purpose rooms, a teaching kitchen and stage - there's ample scope for the individual design of your seminars and workshops.

Individual day packages 

Do you have special requests or do you require an additional seminar room or extra meals? The service team would be happy to make you an individual offer according to your wishes.


  • The hostel and reception are open from 7 a.m. to midnight, on Fridays from 7 a.m. to 3 a.m.
  • Seminar participants will receive a building key on request
  • Seminar Service Plus: social programme for your conference (e.g. barbecue, team cooking, GPS tours through the Siebengebirge mountains)

Seminar Service Plus

Together with its partners, Bad Honnef Youth Hostel has developed supervised educational programmes and programme modules that can be perfectly integrated into the seminar and workshop schedules. In the supporting programme, groups will experience impulses that promote the shared social experience, make people want to get up and move and strengthen the team-building experience.

As seminar organisers, you will determine the content, scope or direction of the components as well as the time frame:

  • Barbecue, cooking events or themed buffets, barbecue evenings
  • Rent-a-cook service, team cooking
  • GPS tours through the Siebengebirge mountains
  • Guided herb walks and walks through the nearby countryside


Bad Honnef Youth Hostel implements a modern food concept based on the "10 rules of a healthy diet" (German Nutrition Society, DGE). All meals are served buffet style. On request, the meal times can be flexible.

Non-profit organizations

Non-profit organizations receive a 10% discount on their conference room rental.

Room Floor space
Max. number of participants
  • cinema
  • parliament
  • block
  • U-shaped block
    U-shaped block
  • circle
Floor Rent per day
Drachenfels 66 sqm - - - - - GF upon request
Himmerich 27 sqm - - - - - GF upon request
Leyberg 13 sqm - - - - - GF upon request
Kleines Theater 42 sqm - - - - - GF upon request
Regie 15 sqm - - - - - GF upon request
Bühne 12 sqm - - - - - GF upon request
Lounge 45 sqm - - - - - 1 upon request
Wolkenburg 44 sqm - - - - - GF upon request
Löwenburg 14 sqm - - - - - GF upon request
Petersburg 44 sqm - - - - - GF upon request
Tagesraum zur Programmküche 40 sqm - - - - - GF upon request
Speisesaal 120 sqm - - - - - GF upon request
Conference equipment

flip chart, microphone system, overhead projector, pin board, presentation case, projector, screen, stereo system, TV set, Electric piano, fax, piano, photocopier, telephone (external)

Here you can rehearse in a special atmosphere! Bad Honnef Youth Hostel offers a harmonious atmosphere as well as years of experience in the organising of rehearsals and provides a personalised service. Even in the early stages, you will have a competent contact to advise you. This means you can fix your rehearsal times, leisure activities and mealtimes in line with the rehearsal schedule in advance and experience a relaxing time throughout your entire stay at the hostel. But that's not all! With its open-air amphitheatre with 200 seats and a fun court with a grandstand, the hostel can offer some real highlights for choirs and music groups.

An amphitheatre with an open-air stage, a fun court with a grand stand and spacious rehearsal rooms - Bad Honnef Youth Hostel offers not only ideal rehearsal conditions, it also has many years of experience of working with choirs and musical groups.


  • The hostel and reception are open from 7 a.m. to midnight, on Fridays from 7 a.m. to 3 a.m..
  • Music groups will receive a house key
  • The youth hostel team would be happy to help you plan your stay.
  • Youth Hostel EXCLUSIVE: book the entire hostel for your sole use


The right food makes an important contribution to a generally successful rehearsal experience. Our kitchen team has responded to this challenge with a varied range of meals: all the food that's served is healthy, light and always tasty.

You should discuss with us any special dietary requirements when planning your stay so that your wishes can be incorporated into your rehearsal schedule. We are flexible. That's why our kitchen team will also try to comply with any vegetarian or religious dietary requirements as far as possible.

Amenities for choirs and music groups

  • 5 rehearsal rooms (27, 44, 44, 55 & 66 m²) offer space for up to 60 people
  • Open-air amphitheatre with 200 seats
  • Disco with lighting system and DJ booth
  • Small theatre with stage
  • Fun court with grandstand
  • Bistro
  • Lounge
  • Teaching kitchen
  • Internet access in all rehearsals

Instruments & technology

  • Piano
  • Electric piano
  • 2 guitars
  • 2 music systems
  • 2 CD players
  • 2 DVD players
  • Digital projector
  • 2 TVs

Room Floor space Height
Max. number of participants
  • Choir
  • Orchestra
Floor Daylight Rent per day
Drachenfels 66 sqm 2.6 m 50 40 GF yes upon request
Kleines Theater mit Bühne 42 sqm 2.6 m 35 20 GF yes upon request
Petersberg 44 sqm 2.6 m 35 20 GF yes upon request
Wolkenburg 44 sqm 2.6 m 35 20 GF yes upon request
Programmküche 40 sqm 2.6 m 30 15 GF yes upon request
Himmerich 27 sqm 2.6 m 15 8 GF yes upon request
Rehearsal room equipment

digital piano, piano, stereo / PA equipment

Staging options

indoor stage (12.0 sqm), outdoor stage (50.0 sqm),